Chase That Jackrabbit

by The Ferdy Mayne

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released September 12, 2009

All songs written and arranged by Shane O'Malley Firek

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Aaron Diehl in his shitty apartment.

Shane O'Malley Firek - Guitar, Vocals
Aaron Diehl - Drums, Vocals
Derrick Mallory - Bass



all rights reserved


The Ferdy Mayne Los Angeles, California

magnificent songs





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Track Name: Diver (Shallow Water)
My god in copper fire
Piano beehive shacks
Movin' ladies to bed
Movin' ladies left right to shack
My walls in copper wire
There's twisted like a wreck
Through my face she talked
Through my brain, cock suckin' bitch

Kind of like it when you move
There's notice in deep sea sex
Shallow water, deep sea diver
I can't quit beggin' for my death
And I cannot protest
Shallow water, deep sea diver

I've been about my brain
I've bottled up my neck
Where's the liquor?
Cause I ain't been liquored yet
Green homes, bright sailin' eyes
Collapsed around my chest
Where's the water?
So I can drown my serpent left
Track Name: You Wearin' Dresses
I go down in a firelight
No, no, no
Shitty cops on my doorstep
What troubles me is back again
The saddest girl I've ever met
Lookin' through Chicago's gems

And it's the way that I walk
Spreadin' awfully awful ideas
And it's the weight of the world
They got deer, they got booze, they got bridges
And it's the money I spend
Well, I don't feel like talkin' about it
And it's the look in your eyes
Girl, I wanna see you wearin' dresses

I go down in a firefight
No, no, no
Oh, my Lord, you got me there
Big brown eyes and dark brown hair
Amanda, girl, where were you then?
Off in Spain with streets of sand
Track Name: She's A Whole
Artist separated from the commonwealth
Artists go naked, artists go blind
We lay talkin' with our shirts off almost everyday
Get me gentle, babe
I wanna be your friend
Waitin' for my soul to kiss me right now
We lay talkin', we don't know, ma'am
Want it everyday

Pissin' shoes lost in collection
And all these things you do or say runnin' around

I picked you up and I shot her
I shot her, shot her dead
No apologies unkept
And in this physical pilot
I got her, got her dead
Nothin' more, nothin' less

Artist separated from the commonwealth
Artists go naked, artists go blind
We lay talkin' with our shirts off
My hat's off to you
Get me leaner, babe
I want something sane
Obvious levels perfected out loud
We lay talkin', we don't know man
Want it every day
Track Name: Richie
Richie got down
And he knew right from the start
Tried to make ends
But he broke his mother's heart

And it's a load man
It's a load that I can't bear
The soul is many things
But all that shit that you have left
You cannot bear
And all the shit that you once left
Is back home at dad's

You've been abused
And I know it's not your fault
Women are flies
In sweet and bitter salt
Shot up, ransacked
And all you did was live
Get yourself straight
And open up to find yourself a better being
Track Name: Hoof
Spotlight, man
I never meant to hurt you
I'm sick with a flu
I never meant to do you bad, then again
You have these dreams that I can't see clearly
Months at the zoo, now we're dead

I can't remember when
We ever sat around like grown men
I wish I conjured this
I wish I fucked shit up in Alaska
God damn, believe me man
I've circled myself round like an eagle
And if you hear this boy
You'll know I'm not just piling my garbage

Jesus Christ, our faith's invested
God, Father, Son, where is your sentence?
Shit lists for friend, they got so crippled man
months at the zoo, now you're dead
Track Name: Labrador
Sorry ‘bout your message
Sorry ‘bout your problems
Moodier than you can get
You were always drinkin’
Pissin’, smokin’, talkin’
Afternoons for gentlemen

I said no you’re not
I’ll never think about
A word like candlelight, it’s leveling
I’m a mountain now, I never move around

Bum lips smack off perfect hips
My lord, yeah
I got these keys so stay right in (stay right up)

Labrador, Labrador, Labrador and stop
Operator, operator, operatin’
Moodier, I stop to think about it
Labrador, Labrador, Labrador and stop right here

Metal amputee man gave up in a minute
Moodier than you can get
Seven hour models lookin’ for a dollar
Afternoons for gentlemen